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Recording Date Tracks
November 11, 2010 One Two
A good set of tunes.  One has overtones of Steve Reich.  Two reminds me of the wild west.  Three has a square bell at its core. Three
August 12, 2010 One Two
One is an MFOS / guitar fantasy.  Two has a pretty wild MFOS guitar sound at the beginning, but is otherwise not really worth much time.  We tried playing our new office for three.  All sounds but the kalimba and flute are the office.  Check out the roar of Delaney's desk fan near the end, and that plucked bass sound you hear is a rubber band. Three
July 18, 2010 One Two
One is dark, electronic, and heavily beated.  Two is a short bit of guitar weirdness.  It's what happens when you add the Music From Outer Space synth and sequencers to a Fuzz Factory guitar pedal.  Mostly experimentation, but for those of you who like noise, have fun.
May 28, 2010 One Two
Live at the Red Rock with the Poetry Cabal.  Our good friend Michael Toy asked us to back up a series of poetry readings.  The fun was in having the poets come up on stage and say things to us off-mike like "I want you to try to make the audience's stomachs feel off", or "this one's ambiguous."  There are multiple poems in each section. Three Four
May 13, 2010 One Two
One starts out prominently featuring my home made Harp Kora.  Thanks to Delaney for making it sound good.  Two gets rolling with a piano rhythm (apologies to those who can actually play) then goes to some pretty interesting places.  Stay with it until the end to hear an acoustic guitar turn into a synthesizer.
May 2, 2010 One
Thanks to Chris Nalls, we had the opportunity to perform at the 2010 Loud Music Symposium.  Michael took along his synth, acoustic guitar, Hang, accordion, some flutes and some miscellaneous percussion.  As this was our first time performing live with the synth, we were both excited.  The results speak for themselves.  
April 25, 2010 One Three
I really liked the whole set, but by far the jewel is Three.  Delaney figured out a way to drop the pitch of the accordion one or two octaves, and by the middle of the tune he's established an octaved, filtered call and response between the accordion and itself.  I think this is one of our best tunes of all time.  Oh yeah, and Delaney figured out how to play stuff backwards. Two
April 1, 2010 One Three
This is the first session where Michael used his new, home made Harp Kora (http://www.oddmusic.com/gallery/om17500.html).  One has it highlighted a little past 5 minutes in.  It's a very contemplative tune, with a unique use of mouth harp towards the end.  Two starts with synth weirdness and piano, and turns into a nice jazz waltz kind of thing.  Four is a fun percussion duel with a bunch 'o bouzouki at the end. Two Four
February 4, 2010 One Three
Lot's of new instruments: a Koto, a cello, a flute made from PVC tubing, and the sequencers that Michael added to his MFOS synth.  Delaney was doing some very interesting thing with controlling drum samples that greatly expanded his range of sounds.  We were very happy to be freed from the bounds of short tunes, but the discipline we gained from the loopfest and talent shows comes through in these extended pieces. Two
January 10, 2010 One
We played three days at the Half Moon Bay Talent Show at the Coastal Repertory Theater.  It was a great experience.  The biggest challenge was coming up with very short (for us) but at the same time interesting music.  This is the recording of our last performance.  Michael was proud to have started in one key and ended in another.
November 12 One Three
We had the chance to experiment with two new instruments; Michael's 1925 Conover Grand Piano, and the guitar through the MFOS synth.  Delaney also provided some very interesting synth sounds and effects from Live. Two Four
Live At the Loopfest Y2K09, October 17 One
This is a 30 minute recording of our set at the Loopfest.  It has multiple distinct sections, and I think it's a bunch of fun.
October 15 One Three
This was our session preparing for the Loopfest.  Two, Three, and Four are particularly strong, and Four served as the template for what we ended up doing at the Loopfest. Two Four
October 7 One Three
Two has a really nice flute line, and Three has a great rhythm section towards the end of the tune.  Four was the last piece we will (most likely) ever record in the LiveOps building. Two Four
September 23 One Three
I'm pleased with these.  The acoustic thing has really been working for us, and this session is acoustic guitar (though this time with a bit of eBow), mandolin, whistle, Hang, doumbek, shekere, marimba, kalimba, mouth harp, didg, and accordion. Two Four
August 26 One Three
Probably just a bit too much electric guitar.  Through the magic of the Fuzz Factory, I turn my guitar into an early Nintendo synthesizer in Three. Two
August 19 One Two
The synth again, but this time with some other instruments and a keyboard (home-made, too, of course).  Two goes off the deep end again at the end.
July 29 One Three
I got a new guitar!  1995 Martin OM 28 Vintage.  One uses it extensively in a lush, layered guitar casserole.  Sprinkle in a little mandolin, some whistle, and bake for 15 minutes in the Organamatronic oven!

Two is a re-examination of One slicing up much of the guitar rhythm from earlier into thumpier bits.

Three is a kalimba filled fantasy that ends with the breathing of a dragon (or at least that's what I think the breathing of an accordion sounds like).
July 14 One
Synth part 2.  In this one there's still no "keyboard" to the synth.  I'm just twisting knobs, flicking switches, and patching cords, but this time I tried to have more a sense of melody than the last effort.
June 24 One Three
This was another of our quiet sessions that I'm beginning to like so much.  

One is wine glasses, hammered dulcimer, kalimba, whistle, bass, marimba and all floaty.  Listen to it as you go to sleep and see where it takes you.  

Two is funky, tribal and ethereal.
June 17 One
The Music From Outer Space modular analog synthesizer is alive!  If you like bleepy, bouncy, swoopy abstract music, this one's just for you.  Think "Welcome to Machine".
June 10 One Three
Enter the mouth harp!  It's the perfect proto-techno sound, using the mouth as a resonant filter long before Robert Moog ever thought to do something electronic.  

Two is another one of my favorites, starting out with an Indian sounding accordion from which Delaney captures the perfect droney loop, and finishing with the dueling filters of the mouth harp and the wah wah pedal.
May 21 One
Spacey with a double build.
May 6 One Three
Two is a nice march.  Three ends with some good guitar growls. Two
April 8 One Two
One is the perfect quiet antidote to Two from the April 1 session.  It starts with kalimba / marimba gamelan feel and Delaney playing the tank drum like a gong.  Then takes off into some of my favorite Organamatronic music with Delaney playing the floor tom with his fingers while pressing his microphone into the head of the drum.  Truly other-worldly sound.  Listen for the squeak of the mic on the head.  Oh, and we've got Coke can in there too.
April 1 One Two
Two makes some interesting changes, starting out upbeat and happy, shifting into some heavy, gritty tribal stuff, changing into a major key and then closing with an all out, distorted drum battle between Delaney on the kit and me on the doumbek.
March 26 One Three
In this session, we were working on prep for this fall's Y2KLoopfest (we'll let you know when we're performing).  We'll have a 30 minute set, so we were trying to get many changes into a 30 minute piece of music.  I like them all, but I think Two is most successful. Two
February 25 One Four
A bunch more new instruments.  A ceramic Udu drum made by Michael's wife Greet, a handmade wooden drum, a doumbek, a home made "Dr. Quack" envelope controlled filter (Michael's first foray into electronics", and introducing A Roll Of Duct Tape (you can hear it on tune Two!)  My favorites of the session are OneTwo, and I think Four is one of the best we've done. Two Five
February 4 One Three
January 14 One Three
Delaney built a second Fuzz Factory, and michael used it extensively on tune two.  We play no synths in the tune, and most of the weird sounding stuff is Michael twiddling Fuzz Factory knobs.  Tune three ends with some lucky guitar generated wind sounds to go with the accordion melody, the contact-mic'ed helium tank drum and the marimba. Two
January 6 One Three
This session saw the extensive use of the accordion, some new electric kalimbas, and a drum machine in addition to the regular cast of characters.  Tune two shows some really great things that can happen when an accordion runs into some filters at high speed.  In tune four, Organamatronic goes lounge... Two Four
December 10 One
We only had a short time this night and the tune ended somewhat rough, but we introduced two new instruments; accordion and hammered dulcimer.  Interesting.
October 8 One Three
We figured out that we can get more layering by using my Jam Man loop machine synced to MIDI.  We also introduced Delaney's Fuzz Factory. Two
September 29 One Four
We introduced several new instruments this session.  PVC tube percussion, Two Five
a hand made marimba, and Delaney blowing over a Coke can. Three
September 3 One Three
August 27 One Three
August 20 One Three
Delaney found an Omnichord and we started using it in this session Two Four
July 25 One Four
Live at the Red Rock Coffee Shop, Mt. View, CA Two Seven
With Andrew Davis on Violin Three Eight
July 23, 2008 One Three
Two Four
June  28, 2008 One Four
Live at the Half Moon Bay Farmers Market Two Five
with special guest Three
Andrew Davis on Violin
June 18, 2008 One Three
Two Four
June 5, 2008 One Two
May 21, 2008 One Three
Two Four
May 19, 2008 One Three
April 30, 2008 One Three
April 21, 2008 One Three
Two Four
April 16, 2008 One Three
April 4, 2008 One Two
March 6, 2008 One
March 4, 2008 One